Help Topic: Trial

Q. Can I Delete Data Created During My Trial?

Yes. You can delete data at any time, not only during your trial.

There are dependencies that might prevent you from deleting data. In this case, once you have deleted it's dependency, the data can be deleted.

For example, if you want to delete a client that has sessions on the calendar, you must first delete all sessions with the client, then you can delete the client. This protects the integrity of your business information and prevents some records from being 'orphaned.'

Q. What Happens If I Let My Trial Expire Without Paying For A Subscription?

When your trial expires, and before you have paid for a subscription, the following will occur:

  • staff, practitioners, and clients will not be allowed to login to their accounts. ¬†Your users will get a message that the account is temporarily unavailable
  • no automated e-mails will be sent out to any users
  • only the administrator can login and purchase / renew the subscription
  • 30 days past the trial period the account will be flagged for deletion and all business data will be lost

When a subscription is purchased or renewed you and your users will have instant access to the software and your business data.