Help Topic: Permissions

Q. How Do I To Manage Permissions Quickly And Easily?

You can manage permissions by editing your clients, practitioners, or staff.  This can take a long time if you need to edit the permissions of several users.  There is an easier way to manage permissions.

To use the permissions module, do the following:

  • click on the lock icon using the command center icons to the left or using the main menu: SETTINGS > PERMISSIONS
  • click on the user type you desire (staff, practitioners, or clients)
  • review the permissions of these users at a glance
  • where you want to make changes, click on the EDIT button to the far right
  • make any changes you like and click the SUBMIT button

Q. How Do I Check My Permissions?

To check your permissions, navigate to ACCOUNT > PERMISSIONS.

If there is an X next to the permission, you do not have that permission.  If there is a checkmark next to the permission, you have that permission.

You have access to change the setting for session reminder e-mails.  To change the reminder e-mail setting, click on the switch and place it in the Yes or No position depending on your preference.

If you want a permission you do not currently have, please contact your administrator.

Q. Why Use Hide Costs?

The HIDE COSTS permission for clients is used to prevent clients from seeing any costs related to your services.

You may want to use hide costs if you have 3rd party organizations sending clients to you and do not want their clients from seeing the true cost of your services.

The agent user class was created to handle scenarios like this. To get more information on "Agents," go to the Clients category of the helper tool and search for "What are agents?"