Help Topic: Balances

Q. What Is Pay Assist?

Pay assist allows the administrator and staff to take credit card information from clients and conduct a 1-time transaction / payment on their behalf.

The credit card information is not saved on our servers.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Add Payment And Add Payments?

Essentially, the add payment and add payments buttons do the same thing with some minor differences. Here are the differences:

  • Add Payment: you select 1 client, enter the amount of the payment, provide a date received and record the payment
  • Add Payments: you can select any active clients, provide a date received, and enter the amount of each clients payments all at once. The add payments function works very well when you are adding multiple payments into your records. You can also use the add payments function to add a single payment. You decide what works best for you.

Q. How Can I Get The Service History Of A Client?

You can get the service history of a client by doing the following:

  1. go to ACCOUNTING > BALANCES from the main menu
  2. click on the SERVICE HISTORY icon (tags icon) to the right of the client's name
  3. click on the DOWNLOAD TO EXCEL button

You will be prompted to download or view the excel spreadsheet. You will be able to open the excel document if you have Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer.

Q. What Does A Negative Client Balance Mean?

A negative client balance (blue colored) means the client has either over paid or paid in advance for your services.

Q. How Do I Set Custom Costs For Clients?

The software uses the following hierarchy when determining the client cost upon session completion:

  1. Has the user enabled cost over ride?  If yes, use those numbers to determine the cost
  2. Does the client have a unique rate associated with the service?  If yes, use those numbers to determine the cost
  3. If the above were not satisfied, use the client cost associated with the service to determine the cost

You can set custom client rates here:

  • click ACCOUNTING > BALANCES from the main menu
  • click CUSTOM RATES from the sub-menu
  • choose the client you want to set a custom rate for
  • enter the UNIQUE RATE for the specific service
  • click the green button with a checkmark to save

After you set a custom rate, the software will follow the hierarchy above to compute the client cost.