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  • Track your business's sessions / appointments with a session list or calendar. Available to all users based on permissions
  • Review the session statistics before the session and after with cost and profit analysis
  • Automatic e-mail notifications sent to clients and staff of upcoming appointments. Helps to reduce cancellations
  • Find practitioners with availability that coincide with the client, and filter for matching skills and locations
  • After session reporting (assessments) that are 100% configurable using anecdotal records, lists, evaluation pie charts and more
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Account and Finances 1 Account and Finances 2 Account and Finances 3 Account and Finances 4 Account and Finances 5 Account and Finances 6 Account and Finances 7 Account and Finances 8 Account and Finances 9
  • Review your income statement for any date range of your choosing
  • Accept payments from clients; online or point-of-sale and save the data for analysis
  • Track and categorize your expenses; one time expenses and recurring expenses
  • Monitor your employees hours and wages, send payment slips with e-mail notifications
  • Taxes collected are instantly at the ready when you need to report to the government
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  • Keep track of your client sales with client manager. Client manager is a client relationship manager or CRM that stores notes, todos, and quotes sent to the client. The client manager works great for sales teams that need to stay organized and collaborate effectively together.
  • Create your personalized, tailor-made sales funnel and efficiently monitor the progression of your potential clients throughout the sales journey. Harness the power of automation and foster seamless collaboration between your sales team and client relations specialists. Our streamlined sales funnel solution is so intuitive that you'll hardly even notice you're utilizing one.
  • Store your clients availability when you need to match them with one of your practitioners. They can also update this from the client side
  • Offer your clients a user friendly interface for making online payments. They never leave your site and the process is simple and fast
  • Client Smart Dashboard focuses their attention so for 90% of their tasks they never leave that page
  • Your clients can quickly and easily review their session notes / assessments and download or review their receipts
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Take advangtage of software automation to handle repetitive tasks
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Records Management 1 Records Management 2 Records Management 3 Records Management 4 Records Management 5 Records Management 6 Records Management 7 Records Management 8 Records Management 9
  • Choose from 3 different record types: physical records at a specific location, upload electronic records, create data records
  • Multi-layered access control through user permissions and record permissions to limit access according to your specific needs
  • Complete record auditing system that monitors pages visited and records accessed
  • Automate record deletion/reporting and/or notification of impending record deletions for temporary records
  • Create detailed reports for HIPAA and InfoSec compliance. Meeting compliance requirements is easy and effortless
After Session Report System
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  • Track your business's product offerings; inventory, sales, and profit
  • 3 product roles available to your users to manage products and purchases. Assign a product manager, cashier manager, or cashier to your staff.
  • Full backend control over products, purchases, taxonomy, categories of products, characteristics of products, sales tax, and tax collection.
  • With the addition of the product system, Bizstim business management software can be utilized by all service-based and product-based companies of any size.
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Fixed Pricing Plans
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Human Resources 1 Human Resources 2 Human Resources 3 Human Resources 4 Human Resources 5 Human Resources 6
  • Use time sheets to schedule hours for salary practitioners / contractors. Use a visually stunning user friendly calendar
  • Use time sheets to schedule hours for salary staff. Choose between an hourly or annual rate
  • Practitioners and staff can login and review their wages and past payments slips at any time
  • Use customized deduction plans for handling income tax, union dues, pension plans, or anything your business needs
  • HR Basic: pay your practitioners based on their accumulated hours and wage rate
  • HR Advanced: pay your practitioners and staff based on an hourly salary or annual salary
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  • Choose a color scheme and branding to make the application resemble your business
  • Customize keywords within the application to better match your business model
  • Smart Dashboard aids admin/staff work flow and benefits usability for clients
  • Embed a login form to your website to allow your users to connect to the application directly
  • The software is completely responsive and looks great using any device
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