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Business Software for Therapists, 2024

Online Client Relations Management for Therapists
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Business software to help manage client relations for your therapeutic services

Reporting & Client Management

Create customized reports and share them with your clients and therapists. For sensitive information, use the client manager to store notes on your clients and potential clients. Use quotes and todo's to enhance the quality of your therapeutic services.

Therapist Reports

Create customized therapist reporting based on provided services. 5 therapist report types are available, they are: yes/no or on/off selectors, multiple choice, multiple select, anecdotal records, and analytical data.

Client Notes

Use a secured environment to save sensitive information about your clients. Since the therapist management software is online, you can access your clients information from any device at any time.

Client Todo's

Therapists are in high demand which places pressure on their time. While on the go, don't forget to jot down important information about a client or patient. Use a todo to make a quick reminder and come back to it when there's time.

Client Quotes

In the pre-sale environment it's vital to quickly reply to client service requests. Our quote creation tool looks great and is easy to use. E-mail the quote to the client or print it and hand them a copy.
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Therapist Scheduling

Intuitive, client & therapist calendar displays appointments for the month. The scheduling list is best for high volume therapy practices and users with mobile devices.

ABA Therapists

Client and therapist scheduling is intuitive and easy to use. Send reminder e-mails to therapists and clients prior to their ABA therapy appointments. Parents of special needs children can save important reports for ABA therapy assessments.

Speech Therapists

Speech and language therapy is expensive and in high demand. It's essential to diminish 'no-shows' or cancellations. This client relations management software has a scheduling system that cuts down "no-shows" and increases a therapist's return.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists will find this client relations management software extremely useful for their therapy practice. The therapy software is intuitive, limits cancellations, increases the business's efficiency and promotes client satisfaction.  
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Finances & Accounting

Store and analyze your expenses, and revenues using detailed financial tools. Use balance sheets, invoice reporting, and income statements to understand money flow in your therapy practice.

Advanced Expenses

Record one-time and recurring expenses. Create expense schedules based on expense frequency, expense date, and expense duration. Assign expense groups for strategic financial planning.

Balance Sheets

Determine which of your client accounts have a balance. Review the client's service and payment history quickly and easily. Initiating payments are instant with a single click.

Income Statement

When reporting revenue to the government, use the income statement tool to collect financial data you need in seconds. When a data interval is selected, you know your revenue, expenses and taxes collected by city location.

Smart Dashboard

Administrative accounts have SMART Dashboards. Accounts receivable and accounts payable appear when there's amounts owing. Clients have a SMART Dashboard that prioritizes zero balances, and shows data they commonly look for.
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Payment Processing

Decide between point-of-sale, invoicing and pay-in-advance options for your ABA therapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists or other therapy practices.


If you're a therapist who works out of a central location, you can still use your existing payment processing terminal. Our client relations management software for therapists compliments your pre-existing payment processing.


Should you prefer to invoice your clients, you can invoice at the front desk, by e-mail, or mail. The process is simple and easy. Create one invoice, multiple invoices, or use the automated invoicing option to generate and send invoices for your therapeutic services.

PDF Receipts

Want to go 'green?' It's super easy. Send PDF receipts to your clients or print them out straight away. Beautifully styled invoices are generated instantly. Your clients can also login to their accounts and download their invoices.
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