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Best Cybersecurity Practices For Small Businesses

As the world is rapidly transitioning with the rhythm of the digital revolution, mechanical and analogue devices are becoming obsolete. These outdated devices are quickly being replaced by newer and more efficient digital technologies. This article looks at the best cybersecurity practices for small businesses to consider when choosing to make the transition to a digital environment.

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What Is The Best Business Management Software?

Finding the best business management software will depend upon your unique requirements. Business management software is anything that helps you organize your business, store business data and automate repetitive business tasks. Features may include: scheduling, reminders, billing, expenses, reporting, human resources and sales. Compare and contrast characteristics of 4 leaders in the industry.

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How To Transition Your Location Based Services Online

If you own a business that provides location based services and you have been negatively impacted by the pandemic you need to consider transitioning some of your services online. This article will explain how you can make that transition with little to no money.

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8 Important Tips and Tricks For Tutoring Companies

These tips and tricks will help you navigate the pitfalls and challenges you'll undoubtedly face as an owner of a tutoring business. Prepare for the seasonal nature of tutoring, know which subjects are always in demand but the hardest to fill, how to properly price your services, and other tidbits worth understanding. If you're tired of reading, we got you, this article is a video presentation. Sit back, relax and you are welcome!

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Business Advantages Of Using The Cloud | 8 Benefits

Katherine Palac the Director of Marketing at Column Technologies with 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and communications reveals eight reasons why you should consider moving your business data infrastructure to the cloud. You might be surprised to see how technology has advanced enough to make this proposition a revenue generator.

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Marketing Do's and Don'ts for Managing a Tutoring Business

Online marketing is vast and confusing. To add to the difficulty, it is very easy to spend a lot of money with little to no return on your investment. In this 5th part of a series for managing a tutoring business, we will discuss the role of social media, attitude, and the cultivation of a newsletter to dispense useful information and establish an efficient online marketing strategy for your tutoring company. Grab a coffee or tea and let's get started.

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Importance of Visualization and Color in Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a vital component for any business that derives its revenue from a service. While all business processes are important, having an efficient scheduling process can add measurable value to the success of the company. The goal is to be more efficient and more effective. Two ways to establish these goals are to utilize visualization and color in the appointment scheduling process.

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How To Test A Mobile App By XBOSoft

Mobile app testing refers to the development process of ensuring mobile software is tested for programming errors, usability, and user experience. In the event a mobile app fails to perform to a high standard, users will more than likely delete the app. The following article exposes why a mobile app must be tested properly and provides a handy checklist for your convenience.

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Top 25 Cold Calling Tips To Absolutely Crush It

Cold calling refers to the act of calling a business or individual that's likely to use your product or service. Typically you have no relationship with the business or individual on the other end prior to the call. A successful cold calling campaign can be the difference between feast and famine. If cold calling makes any sense for your business you would be remiss not to take advantage of it. In the following we discuss the top 25 cold calling tips to help you crush it and dominate your competition.

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How To Create A Sales Call Framework

Cold calling campaigns are notoriously unsuccessful. You must have a clear strategy for handling the call, overcoming objections, and understanding your unique value proposition as it relates to the sales lead. A disconnect in any of these areas will likely results in a squandered opportunity. To ensure best success, a sales call framework is needed. Here we will discuss 6 easy steps to create a sales call framework.

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