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About Us

Why choose Us?

Great question! We don't see you as a number. We see you as a fellow business owner trying to make a living and pay your bills. We're everything big tech isn't. If you find that refreshing choose us.

Our Mission

We provide high quality software that is easy to use at a fixed price with amazing customer service. Our motto is: "Mediocritatem non licet." No mediocrity allowed!

What we Do?

You are full of great questions. We're obsessed with providing software for SMB service-based businesses needing scheduling, automated reminders, billing and much more.

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Founder & CEO

Christopher Binns

From 2010 to 2015 I ran a tutoring company. The business focused on pairing certified teachers with students in an effort to help students achieve their academic goals. At the time I was a College Professor who recognized a need for high quality teachers within the industry. Too often tutors were selected solely on their academic grades with little regard to their teaching ability. A shortage of opportunities for teachers at the time made the concept viable.

While operating a tutoring company I grew impatient with the software available. The software options were too expensive, limited in their features and oftentimes lacked customer support. I knew I could do better!

When my oldest son was diagnosed with Autism I found myself leaving my job to help with his therapy. I spent countless hours late at night at my desk in the basement coding. I had little time in the day to do anything but take care of my two small children. 18 months later Bizstim was born and introduced to the world.

We opened for business in 2017. I'd love to tell you our growth was exponential from there but it wasn't. As it turns out, there's a lot more to running a successful software company than amazing software. Marketing and advertising had to be perfected. Tutorials and support mechanisms were developed to aid new clients in learning how the system worked. Most importantly, I listened to the needs of each new client.

It's been 6 years since the software was made available, and in that time, with the help of our clients, we were able to add to the features and hone in on what small business owners were looking for. This is the secret of Bizstim's success.

When you choose Bizstim for your software needs you are choosing a business network of like-minded entrepreneurs. In that spirit we aim to raise you and ourselves to unprecedented new heights.

I can't wait to help you stimulate your business growth. That's why we are called BIZ-iness STIM-ulation. BIZSTIM.

What Our Clients Say?
I love this booking tool. Nothing more satisfying than getting a text with a booking and a sale coming in!
- Raquel | Power Plus Tutoring
The customer service is old school in a modern environment
- Christine | Tutoring By Christine

I have told many of my friends that it's the best thing I've done for my business... I recommend this company highly!

Janet Club-Z!

I can't tell you how excited we are to have something that will finally allow us to grow these portions of our business

Jen Multisensory Reading Center
I LOVE being able to drag and drop the notes box! It is saving me SO MUCH TIME
- Beth | Brain Boost Academy
This looks fantastic Chris! Once again, I greatly appreciate your willingness to improve and customize your tools
- Denis | Tutor Link