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Chiropractic Patients with Neck Pain and Low Back Pain 2017

In July 2017 researchers studied the outcomes of chiropractic patients seeking assistance for neck pain and lower back pain. After treatment, they concluded the majority of patients experienced "persistent or fluctuating pain of low or medium intensity." Only a small percentage of patients experienced a rapid recovery or chronic pain. 90% of the chiropractic patients experienced improvements within 6 weeks.

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Risk of Carotid Stroke after Chiropractic Care

A research study was conducted on the risk of carotid stroke after chiropractic care. The research article was published within the Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases. This article will reveal the background, methods, and results of this study. Furthermore, you will be able to review the original research article in its entirety.

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Chiropractic Advertising: Know Your Customer

The objectives of this article is to study the characteristics of chiropractic customers and apply that information to chiropractic advertising campaigns. The end result is an informative article that helps chiropractic businesses to be better informed, spend their advertising money more efficiently, and therefore recognize greater returns.

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Chiropractic Marketing Strategies, Practical Advertising Tips

Academic research proves advertising as a chiropractic marketing strategy results in significant returns on investment (ROI). We'll show the extent of ROI and delve into more detail the role social media has on advertising. Practical tips are provided; including a 29 page presentation for starting your own chiropractic Google Adwords campaign.

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