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Importance of Visualization and Color in Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a vital component for any business that derives its revenue from a service. While all business processes are important, having an efficient scheduling process can add measurable value to the success of the company. The goal is to be more efficient and more effective. Two ways to establish these goals are to utilize visualization and color in the appointment scheduling process.

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Free Parents Plan Added for Children With Special Needs

Parents with children who have special needs must organize their child's schedule and track spending associated with their therapy. Oftentimes, government funds are available to help these children but an accounting of expenses for therapists and other items are typically required. Bizstim software is an excellent tool for parents to keep track of their spending and organize the families schedule.

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HST GST rates Image

HST & GST Rates for all Provinces in Canada

If you operate a business in Canada you need to know the tax rates for each province. Most provinces have their own Goods and Services tax rates (GST). To make things more complicated, many provinces have a Harmonized Tax rate (HST). Some provinces have combined HST and GST. Here is a table of the GST and HST tax rates across Canada.

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Bizstim History and Unique Vision

Bizstim business management application software is geared towards service-based companies. The app was designed by a former small business owner who took what he learned from running a tutoring company and applied it to the development of this software.

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