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July updates api custom fields mass importing


We're excited to share with you our July 2023 updates to the CRM. There are a number of improvements and new features that will bring more revenue generating options to your tutoring company, medical clinic, drivers training program, child care center and more.

    Let's get to it shall we:

  • If you are reviewing the cancelled or missed session list pages, in the past, you had to view the session to see why the event was cancelled or missed. Now, we've added a modal effect that allows you to see the reason directly from the session list page. This is available under the OPTIONS column. Have a look at the image below for an example:

    Where to view the cancelled or missed session reason
    Click here to see the reason for the missed or cancelled session
    The cancelled or missed session reason
    The reason for the missed or cancelled session will appear in a modal window

    Our thanks goes out to Gus for that excellent suggestion!

  • If you need to import a large number of clients to your account we've made it easy to save custom fields and marketing tags to the software. The ability to these do these time intensive tasks quickly is why Bizstim is considered to be a premium business management software.

    Custom fields consist of regular inputs, radio button, checkboxes, dropdown selects and text areas to save unique client data. The process for adding this data can be tedious and long but with this new feature will greatly reduce your workload. Add the custom fields to the CSV template and upload it in seconds. The information will be saved appropriately and be available within the CRM.

    Similar to custom fields you can assign tags to your clients, students, patients and customers. Tags are used for marketing purposes and make it simple to send targeted emails to current or prospective clients. This feature is vital to fostering a well managed and growth oriented tutoring company.

    The instructions for formatting custom fields and tags can be found within the CSV template itself. Here's an example:

    Uploading custom fields and tags to client imports
    How to add custom fields and tags to your client imports
  • For those accounts that are using our API we have an addition you are going to love!

    Instead of a Master API key that has access to all endpoints, you can now create limited API keys that are granted access to specific endpoints. There are no limits to the number of API key you can create. Each API key can have any combination of the available endpoints.

    This means 3rd party partners you are working with, like school districts and libraries can be granted limited access to your business data.

    A use case scenario is our on-demand tutoring feature. This feature has a request form a student fills out to request homework help. The request is made in real-time to waiting tutors. To reduce the burden on your students the API is used to provide an encrypted link to the request form. The student clicks on the encrypted link and fills out the form. They don't have to remember their username and password.

    Instead of exposing your entire business data to the school district, this new API feature secures your data. The 3rd party can access the resources they need and the student's experience is greatly improved.

    Create multiple API keys for 3rd parties like school districts and public libraries
    Create multiple API keys for 3rd parties like school districts and public libraries
  • Here's the On-demand API method for creating encrypted links we talked about earlier. The API documentation was updated to reflect and describe this API method.

    If you would like to use this API endpoint we've provided a lot of documentation for you. Have a look:

    On-Demand Encryption Link via API
    On-demand tutoring or services API encryption link
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