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10 Reasons Why On-Demand Tutoring Is Popular

On-demand Tutoring

Here are the top 10 reasons why on-demand tutoring is popular:

  1. Students who need help quickly have an option
  2. The cost of on-demand tutoring is lower than being locked into a long-term package
  3. On-demand sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length which is cost effective for price conscience students
  4. Since students are familiar with online instruction it no longer poses a barrier to entry
  5. The technology used by on-demand tutoring means students can gain access to homework help from the comfort of their home
  6. On-demand instruction can be recorded for quality assurance and playback. This benefits the student who can review the session as many times as they like. The meeting software is seamlessly integrated using Lessonspace meeting software
  7. The recording of sessions also benefits the business owner who can check recordings for the quality of instruction and help reconcile grievances
  8. For the business owner on-demand instruction is another revenue stream. Not all students want to be locked into a semester plan. On-demand services provide an avenue to scale the business horizontally with potential to up-sell and achieve vertical scaling
  9. Companies who provide on-demand tutoring and instruction first will realize a competitive advantage over others in the industry. This is an opportunity to increase their brand exposure, credibility and reputation
  10. Tutors may find on-demand instruction more lucrative. With the inclusion of duration minimums they could see themselves being paid 15 minutes for a 10 minute session. For example, highly effective tutors could log 1.5 hours in wages for every 1 hour worked. That amounts to a 50% increase in their relative wage rate


I know what you are going to say…

“How do I offer on-demand tutoring to my students?”

That’s a great question. You’re not going to achieve the results you want by answering phones, sending emails or text messages. You’ll need technology to operate an on-demand service. No question!

Lucky for you we’ve already developed the technology. Working with a couple of early adopters we’ve tested and streamlined the ability to handle on-demand requests from students.

Moreover, we provide you with tools to scale your tutoring or education business through 3rd party partnerships. For example, with Bizstim’s on-demand tutoring feature you can sell the service to school districts, schools and libraries.

Not only can their students get homework help from your tutors but these institutions can access reports on the instruction, student reviews, likelihood to recommend, the cost and hours used and make payments directly to you.

Have a look at the following presentation:

Big Challenge for Business Owners

Your next question is probably something like this, “What’s the cost?”

That’s another great question.

We don’t charge you anything extra than our subscription cost. We understand the tutoring and education space is always changing and we see this as a vital component for your business.

Due to the technological requirements of the service; students can upload files like assignments for the tutors to read, an Enterprise Subscription is required. This feature works seamlessly with our records manager.

If you are considering on-demand tutoring for your business and would like to get more information please contact us. We’d love to speak to you.

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