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8 Important Tips and Tricks For Tutoring Companies

These tips and tricks will help you navigate the pitfalls and challenges you'll undoubtedly face as an owner of a tutoring business. Prepare for the seasonal nature of tutoring, know which subjects are always in demand but the hardest to fill, how to properly price your services, and other tidbits worth understanding. If you're tired of reading, we got you, this article is a video presentation. Sit back, relax and you are welcome!

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Marketing Do's and Don'ts for Managing a Tutoring Business

Online marketing is vast and confusing. To add to the difficulty, it is very easy to spend a lot of money with little to no return on your investment. In this 5th part of a series for managing a tutoring business, we will discuss the role of social media, attitude, and the cultivation of a newsletter to dispense useful information and establish an efficient online marketing strategy for your tutoring company. Grab a coffee or tea and let's get started.

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Social Media and Google Adwords For Tutoring Business Part 4

Find out what social media platforms can do for your tutoring company; what to do, what not to do, and how to approach using social media to maximize your time and money. Learn about vital components of Google Adwords that you probably have overlooked thus far. Get more out of your ad campaigns.

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Tips For Managing Tutors For A Tutoring Company - Part 3

Managing people is a difficult task. In a tutoring business you are responsible for managing clients, employees, and tutors. This is the 3rd part of a series on managing a tutoring company. In this article we will uncover some of the obstacles dealing with tutors, what constitutes a fair wage, and how to get the most out of your tutors. The information provided is from the perspective and experiences of a former business owner of a tutoring company.

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30 Tips For Managing Tutoring Companies - Part 2

Part 2 of 30 tips for managing tutoring companies picks up where part 1 left off. You will learn the do's and don'ts of managing clients and your tutor's contact information. The importance of customer satisfaction is clearly stated however shocking you might find it. Providing free consultations are discussed as well as when to cut your losses.

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30 Tips For Managing Tutoring Companies - Part 1

A former business owner reveals the lessons learned from 5 years of experience managing a tutoring company. 30 tips for running a successful tutoring company are given; tips that were learned through trial and error and corresponding reflection. Use these 30 tips to your advantage and attain a competitive edge over your competition. You won't find this sort of information anywhere else!

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How tutoring can promote critical thinking

For tutoring to be highly effective it is important to improve a student's critical thinking skills. A tutoring service that is able to incorporate critical thinking into its instruction will see more of its students achieve better grades. This can be done by introducing elements of differentiated instruction and mind mapping.

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Tutoring Software For Business Management Success

Are you thinking about using tutoring software for your business? Not sure if tutoring software is for you? This article will explain all the ins and outs of tutoring software to help you decide. Whenever possible we provide visuals and compare and contrast traditional methods with cloud-based tutoring software.

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