We'll give you $500 credit to switch to Bizstim!
Bizstim Business Software
  • at least 3 months with the other company
  • provide a screenshot of your billing history
  • purchase a paid subscription with us
  • when verified we'll add $500 credit to your account
  • you can stack our 3 months at 50% off offer too
  • valid as of March 1, 2023

Partner Program

Become a partner and start earning $

Partners earn 12.5% of the revenue from all clients they refer who purchase a subscription and are in good standing!
Partner Program Client List

Residual Income

Your account is credited whenever a client you referred pays their subscription. Earn $5 for Small Business accounts and $10 for Enterprise accounts. Anyone can become a partner and the process is quick and easy. If you are already a paid client start earning money today.


If you've referred so many clients that your account is paid for and there's a credit balance on your account, we'll send you the excess funds. Isn't that so cool? Our software can help you run your business and become a profitable side-hussle.

See the Partner Program Terms for important information.

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