Partner Program

Are you a SMB Business Consultant?

The Bizstim Partner Program allows you to sell our business management software with near unlimited earnings potential. The software is great for any service industry, so skies the limit. Don't believe it? Keep reading!

Residual Income

Earn an income based on subscription fees charged each month. We'll share with you the profit from each monthly subscription you sign-up 50/50. This means you can earn up to $25.00 per client per month. That's approximately $900/client accumulated over an average of 36 months.

Support Income

Charge your clients on-boarding fees and ongoing support fees. We'll help you with support through video tutorials, our Help Center, e-mail support, and phone support. You can choose to provide support to clients you bring to Bizstim or hand that off to us. The choice is yours.

Year 1: $36,750

Year 2: $75,500

Year 3: $139,250

Income Potential

This example is based on adding 100 clients to your portfolio in 1 year. That's 2 client sign-ups per week with a 2 week vacation.
Unlimited Income Potential
100 subscription clients
On-boarding and support fees
These figures may vary based on your sales focus.

Tutoring & Education

Health & Wellness

Service Industries

Ready To Get Started?

Register a trial account and try the software for yourself. Send a vendor application when you're ready. Watch the video below to see how to send a vendor application.

See the Partner Program Terms for important information.

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