You're not looking for software to learn.    You're looking for something to make your job easier.    We understand that.   Our business software is designed to be user friendly and solve many of your day-to-day challenges.    Here's how...

Integrations and Partners

Integrates with Zoom, Skype, Microsfost Teams and Google Classroom
Hosting Online Meetings?
  • We're integrated with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom
  • Built-in URL shortener! No more links taking up too much space
  • Send meeting invites via e-mail and text message
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robust scheduling options with tons of automation and prompting
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  • Open scheduling to the public using an online booking tool with a handy button. Use this for your existing clients or allow new clients to create accounts or send session requests as a guest.
  • Your clients will love the reminders and any after session reports you send them. The heavy lifting is handled by the software of course!
no more spreadhseets and no more headaches managing your sales team
  • Spreadsheets are the worst! They're only as good as the user who inputs the data and they're terrible with sales teams and collaboration
  • Our software integrates your client information with session requests and client inquiries to create a wholistic approach to managing clients
  • By constructing your own unique sales funnel you effortlessly move clients through your business in a controlled and structured manner
  • Your sales team can collaborate using notes, todos, and quotes to stay on the same page and impress the pants off your clients. Your business never looked so professional and credible
  • The software is designed to be rediculously user friendly so you and your staff can spend more time on clients rather than technical issues
managing your sales team
can't seem to connect with anyone at that big software company?
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  • Bizstim Software Solutions is a growing company but we maintain a small family outlook. Our clients are like our family. Oh who are we kidding we love our clients more
  • Need some help? Want to talk to a developer about a tweak or new feature? We're one call away. Yep! Call us and talk to a developer in minutes. How's that for solving problems?
  • We won't put scaling our company ahead of achieving the best client satisfaction humanly possible. When you succeed we succeed. We're in this together and we'll show you how obsessed we are about your prosperity
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KEY FEATURES Access your business data from anywhere at any time.   Manage your entire business with one easy to use tool.

Manage Clients

Collect client information, notify them of upcoming sessions and allow them to login and review their service history.

Manage Practitioners

Track their availability, client appointments, wages earned, and keep the lines of communication open.

Manage Staff

Permission-based roles allows you to assign staff to specific areas, such as: Human Resources, Accounting, and Operations.

Visual Calendar

Easy to use and visually stunning calendar to help your clients and staff manage their time and appointments.

Tasks & Requests

Send requests to your clients or tasks to your practitioners / staff when you need their cooperation or input.

Accounting & Billing

Accounting options to handle point-of-sale, pay-in-advance, and invoicing models. Taxes & deductions schema configurable.

Records Management

Store physical, electronic and data records safely and securely. HIPAA and Infosec compliant.

Human Resources

Powerful tools like time sheets and deductions to track / schedule staff and initiate deductions based on labor laws.

Customized Appearance

Choose your color scheme, and customize key phrases to compliment your specific business appearance.

Automated Assistants

Automation covers e-mail notifications, text messaging, security changes, invoicing, receipts, welcome messages and more.

Data Import & Export

Export data for daily use or as an additional backup. Import data in bulk for faster migration to the software.

Online Payment Processing

Payment processing through Stripe and PayPal. Collect from your clients quickly and effortlessly.

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