Help Topic: Text messaging

Q. How to send text messages?

You need the following to send text messages:

  1. a trial or enterprise plan
  2. subscription to one of the available sms gateways
  3. save your API gateway settings

Point 2

To see the gateways that are available go to: SETTINGS > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > find SMS TEXT MESSAGING panel.  The gateways are listed across the top of the header.  Clicking on each will show the settings we need and a link to the gateways' website where you can create an account.  SMS Gateways are external businesses.  We do not presently provide our own gateway for sending text messages.

Point 3

Depending on the gateway you choose there are different settings required.  If you have any difficulty please contact Bizstim support and we would be happy to help.  Once you have provided your gateway settings, you are ready to send text messages.  If you want to send automated text messages, click on the SETTINGS heading within the panel to turn on those automated features you desire.

Automated text messaging does not require your attention once you have selected the options you want.  However, you have more options available to you.

Here are a list of text messaging options available to you:

  • automate session reminders
  • automate pending invoice reminders
  • automate overdue invoice reminders
  • automate pending tasks
  • manual session reminders
  • manual pending invoice reminders
  • manual overdue invoice reminders
  • manual pending tasks
  • custom text messaging

Automated processes are handled by the software and do not require your direct supervision.  Manual processes rely upon you to initiate communication.  Manual options are present on table lists and view pages.  You can send custom text messages from: COMMUNICATION > TEXT MESSAGING > SEND CUSTOM MESSAGE.

All text messages sent are recorded within the system and can be reviewed at: COMMUNICATION > TEXT MESSAGING > HISTORY.  If you receive an error when sending a text message go here for an explanation.  If you need additional help, as always, contact Bizstim support.

Q. Error when sending text messages

If you are getting an error when sending a text message, consider the following:

  • do the recipient(s) have a text phone number associated with their account?
  • do the recipient(s) have the "text reminder" permission set to enabled?
  • check the INFO column on the History table at COMMUNICATION > TEXT MESSAGING > HISTORY
  • is the text phone number correct?
  • has the recipient(s) enabled RoboKiller or similar filters to block text messages? (Opt-out features)

For custom and manual text messages the recipient(s) do NOT have to have the "text reminder" permission set to enabled.  That permission is only required for automated text messaging.

If you are still unclear about the error, contact Bizstim support.

Q. What text gateway do you recommend?

We recommend any of the gateways we have available.  However, here is our take on their benefits and features:


  • Their Features: 4 / 5
  • Brand Recognition: 4 / 5
  • Ease of Setup: 4 / 5
  • Price: 3 / 5

EZ Texting

  • Their Features: 4 / 5
  • Brand Recognition: 4 / 5
  • Ease of Setup: 3 / 5
  • Price: 2 / 5

The majority of our clients to date use SimpleTexting as their SMS Text Messaging Gateway.  Ease of setup and price appear to be the defining attributes for our clients.  As a result, our software as undergone numerous code improvements when using SimpleTexting.

This compare and contrast was provided on September 30, 2019.