Help Topic: Documents Manager

Q. What Is The Documents Manager?

You can host your policies and procedures, client handbooks, employee procedures or any other business information files within the software. Files that are uploaded can appear on the users dashboard and can be associated with specific or all user types.

To upload your business documents go to: COMMUNICATION > DOCUMENTS. If there are files that are set to be shown on the dashboard, a documents panel will appear to the user. You can choose to show specific documents for the administrator, staff, practitioners and clients.

If you have a cancelation policy, you may want to upload that policy within the documents manager and display it on client dashboards. This makes it very easy for your clients to gain access to the policy.

Quick and easy access to this information can help your business become more efficient, improve client satisfaction, and lower mundane managerial responsibilities.

There is a 100 MB limit to file storage on the server.

Q. How To Upload A Document

 STEP 1: Go to the document page


Using the main menu, click on "Communication" and then "Documents."

You can also click on the document icon from the Documents dashboard panel of one exists.


STEP 2: Click on the "Upload Document" button



STEP 3: Drag and drop your document into the upload zone

Locate the file on your pc.  Drag and drop the file into the "Upload Zone" marked by a dashed line and gray background.



STEP 4: Give the document a brief description

This is the description the user will see describing the document.  There is a 45 character maximum limit for the description.  For example, if the document contains your policies and procedures, name it Policies and Procedures.



STEP 5: Choose your "Viewable By" options

You must select at least one of the user types.  Viewable by refers to those users who will be allowed to download the document.  You can select all user types if you want all users to be able to download the document.



STEP 6: Do you want to show the document on the dashboard?

If you want the document to be shown on the users dashboard when they first enter the software, select Yes for this option.  The document will be listed on a documents panel on the dashboard.  If you choose not to display the document on the dashboard, the user will have to click on the documents icon and access the document from the main documents page.


You should only show documents on the dashboard that you want to call attention to.  Too many documents listed will cause a scrollbar to appear and will diminish the documents attention to the user.


STEP 7: Set a document rank

Document rank refers to the order of importance of the document.  A rank 1 is the highest order of importance.  Therefore, a rank 1 document will appear before a rank 2 document, and so on.  If two documents have the same rank, the documents will appear in the order they were uploaded to the software.


To set the rank, click anywhere along the slider path, or click and hold the left-mouse button on the label and drag the slider to the appropriate rank position.


STEP 8: Click on the SAVE DOCUMENT button


Once the doument is saved, it will appear within the document table below.  From there, you can download the document, edit the document, and delete the document.

It's that easy!