Help Topic: Sales manager

Q. What is sales manager?

Sales Manager lets you track the progress of your clients through your sales chain.  Furthermore, it can be used as a relationship manager between your sales team and clients.

The overview page of Sales Manager separates clients who are prospects from other types of clients.  This allows you to focus on turning prospects into clients.

Options provided by Sales Manager include:

  1. Notes: notes with dates and times created, and who created them
  2. Todo's: quick reminders to the sales teams of important tasks that must be completed
  3. Quotes: create quotes for your clients quickly and easily, have the quotes recorded, and e-mail them to your client

Q. What does the purple circles mean?

Within Sales Manager there are two places where purple circles are located, they are todo's and quotes.

A purple circle means there is either an outstanding todo that needs to be completed, or a quote that has not been sent to the client.  When the todo is completed, or the quote has been sent to the client, you can click on the purple circle and mark them as completed.

A completed todo or quote will change from a purple circle to a gray circle.  You manually have to track the todo or quote as complete.

Q. What does the use of term mean?

If you click on the EDIT option for a client in the Sales Manager, you will be taking to the view page.  At the top of the page you will see a heading marked; Term, followed by a number of days.

For example:

Term: 5 days

This means the client's record was added to your business 5 days ago.  If you are communicating with a prospect, this number is very important because the larger the number the less likely you will be able to convert the prospect into a paying client.