Help Topic: Dashboard

Q. Why does my admin dashboard look different at times?

The Admin Dashboard uses our SMART Dashboard technology. For administrators, the dashboard prioritizes work-flow. Therefore, panels appear when there are accounts revceivable, accounts payable, unsaved sessions, or incomplete tasks.

When these business duties are complete, the panels will not show on your dashboard, but you can still access the information by navigating to the appropriate sections.

Q. What is a smart dashboard?

SMART Dashboard creates a dashboard that is unique to specific user types with the intent to improve user experience.

For administrators and staff, SMART Dashboard prioritizes work-flow. With a glance, these users can see what business operations require their attention. When the dashboard is clear, with the exception of the Cost-Revenue-Profit Analysis graph, there are no immediate tasks requiring their attention.

For clients and practitioners (consultants), the SMART Dashboard displays information the user is likely to look for 90% of the time. Thus, these users will rarely need to navigate the software since the information is on the screen as soon as they log in.

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