Help Topic: Data Imports

Q. How Do I Import Data?

You can import data for the following:

  • clients
  • practitioners
  • staff
  • expenses
  • locations
  • services

To import your data:

  1. download the appropriate template
  2. remove the instructions from the top of the file (all lines that start with a "#")
  3. do not edit the first row (the header)
  4. starting on the 2nd row, add your data (we provided examples to help but delete them before you import the data)
  5. make sure you add the data in the cells in the correct format (look at the examples)
  6. each import can not be more than 1000 records in size.
  7. click on the CHOOSE FILE button when you are ready with your CSV file
  8. select the file
  9. click IMPORT

There is a 1000 record import limit.  You can import documents multiple times if you have more than 1000 records.  If you have a lot more than 1000 records, please contact support and we can assist you with your import.  This 1000 record limit was established to prevent potential abuse or slowing down the server.