Help Topic: Subscription

Q. Why Are Your Prices In U.s. Dollars?

Our prices are in U.S. dollars because the U.S. dollar is accepted as the currency for international exchange.

Q. Do You Charge Tax On Subscriptions?

Since our headquarters is situated within Canada, we are required to collect taxes for clients who reside within Canada.  If you do not reside in Canada you will NOT be taxed.

For our Canadian clients the tax levied against your subscritions is based on the HST rate of your province.

Q. What Is The Differences Between The Small Business And Enterprise Plans?

Here are the main differences between the plans, the Enterprise Plan provides you with:

  • salary wages and time sheets
  • customizable deductions for pay slips
  • text message (SMS) integration
  • API access
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Records Management System (April 2019)
  • feature request priority

We will continue to add features to the Enterprise plan over time.

Since Bizstim does not charge a variable montly subscription, the Enterprise Plan is in most cases more competitive than the competition and an excellent service for small, medium, and large sized businesses.