Help Topic: Invoices

Q. No Sessions Listed On An Invoice?

If you are reviewing an invoice with no sessions, check and see if there are saved sessions for the date range you selected.

The sessions must be saved or missed to appear on an invoice. Once a session is tracked as SAVED or MISSED, it will appear on invoices if it is within the selected date range.

Alternatively, you can choose to show open sessions on the calendar to be listed on the invoice instead of completed / saved sessions.

Overall, the invoice manager has a lot of flexibility to allow you to generate an invoice that makes sense for your business structure.

Q. How Do I Create An Invoice?

To create an invoice, do the following:

  1. go to ACCOUNTING > ACCOUNT METHODS > INVOICES from the main menu
  2. cick on the CREATE INVOICE button
  3. select the client
  4. choose a start and end date (auto-pulls sessions from the calendar)
  5. click on REVIEW INVOICE
  6. choose to list Scheduled Sessions OR Completed Sessions
  7. click Account Balance if you choose scheduled sessions (this will create a credit or debit line item if there is a + or - amount on the account)
  8. you can also choose to show Payment History if this is a receipt
  9. if you have Stripe active on your account you can also choose to charge your client's credit card on file
  10. if you do choose not to show completed or scheduled sessions you can select Add Line Item. (this allows you to create your own line items invoice)
  11. submit the invoice

The two methods for creating invoices are similar and you can choose either method.

You can choose to have completed sessions to appear on the invoice OR you can select open sessions that are on the calendar.

Showing open sessions on the calendar are used if you intend to send an invoice to your client and expect prepayment of services.

In addition to sessions, you can choose to display payments that were made during the billing period.  You can also choose to "add line items" which allows your to add on other items such as; transportation costs, equipment costs, etc.

Q. What Is Automated Invoicing?

If you want to generate invoices automatically, you can use automated invoicing.

Automated invoicing allows you to generate invoices weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  The newly created invoices can be flagged as drafts or e-mailed out to pertinent parties.

To turn this feature ON, do the following:

  • select the wrench icon at the top-right of the page
  • turn the AUTOMATED INVOICING switch to the ON position
  • click the SUBMIT button

If you are not sure about a function, read the correspnding help information on the page.

Important Consideration: automated invoicing ONLY works if your sessions are up to date.  If there is a session that is open and it falls within the date range of an automated invoice, the session will not appear on the invoice.  You will have to create a separate invoice manually to cover that session.  Alternatively, you could delete the automated invoice and create a new manual invoice for the  date range once you have saved the open session.

Therefore, if you have a monthly frequency, the automated invoice will generate on the 1st of the month for the previous month.  For the invoice to be complete, you MUST save all of the open sessions on the calendar for the previous month before the 1st of the new month.  Any sessions still open on the 1st of the new month will not appear in the automated invoice.

Q. How Do I Delete An Invoice?

To delete an invoice, do the following:

  2. click on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon
  3. click on the delete icon to the right of the invoice or select delete from the dropdown > click the checkbox next to the invoice > click on the submit button

The invoice will be deleted.

Q. How Do I Assign A Payment To An Invoice?

When you create an invoice the invoice manager will automatically add any payments made within the date interval if you choose to show payments.

If you do not choose to show payments, payments will not be included in the invoice.


Q. How Do I Send An Invoice To A Client Before They Receive Service?

If your client asks for an invoice before they receive services from your business you actually need to send them a quote.

To create and send quotes, do the following:

  • add the client to your records
  • go to CLIENTS > SALES MANAGER or click on the eye icon in your quick icon area
  • click on the EDIT link
  • click on the ADD QUOTE button
  • add your line items, subtotal, tax total, and grand total
  • add a note if necessary
  • choose who you would like to email
  • click on the SAVE QUOTE button

You can send them an invoice that you created manually.  To create a manual invoice do the following:

  • click on create invoice (not create invoices <-- notice the s at the end)
  • choose any date range since it is not required at this time
  • choose a client (the client needs to be active in order to send an invoice in this way)
  • review the invoice
  • no sessions or payments will show on the invoice
  • click on "add line item"
  • add your line item description and cost and tax if applicable
  • click on the + icon if you want to add line items
  • when you are done, click on the create invoice button

That's it.  You just made a manual invoice.  You have the options to send the client an e-mail copy of the invoice or you can choose to send it by other means.

Q. Can I Use Automatic Invoicing To Invoice Future Sessions?


Auto invoicing can be used to invoice your clients for future 'scheduled sessions.' Invoicing completed sessions will continue as normal.

With this change it is possible for you to enact a pay-in-advance model for your business without having to use Package Mode.

We added an auto invoice history page so you can review the results of an auto invoicing cycle. On that page you will be shown which clients were invoiced, how much they were invoiced, the invoicing interval, and the result of the attempt.

Any errors in the invoicing process will be shown to you. Therefore if there was an invoice error; like sending the e-mail, you can quickly determine what happened and fix the issue or follow up with the client.

We added additional information to the auto invoicing settings page to show when scheduled sessions are invoiced. For example; a monthly invoicing frequency occurs on the last day of the current month for schedules sessions. On that day at specific times the software will run the auto invoicing tool and generate invoices.

To review your auto invoice settings and history pages:

  • click on ACCOUNTING from the main menu
  • click on ACCOUNT METHODS
  • choose INVOICES
  • select AUTO INVOICES from the top-right submenu
  • select AUTO SETTING or AUTO HISTORY from the menu options

Invoicing completed sessions pulls completed session data from the calendar based on the previous weeks or month. Invoicing scheduled sessions pulls scheduled session data from the calendar based on future weeks or month.

Q. What Invoice Features Do You Offer?

We have the following invoice features:

  1. invoice creation using completed or scheduled session on the calendar
  2. manual invoice creation with unique line items
  3. account balance adjustment for accounts with previous balances (credit or debit)
  4. automated email and text messaging reminders
  5. pending and overdue invoice status
  6. automatic invoice creation
  7. automatic billing through Stripe

Automatic invoice creation used in conjuction with automatic billing can be a huge time saver and cost reduction feature.

One of our clients recognized a $200 reduction in labor costs simply but clicking a button.

Here's a helpful video showing invoice features and an explanation of their settings:

Q. How To Update Unpaid Invoices With Pay Assist

When using pay assist you can update unpaid invoices. If the payment amount is greater than the invoice amount the invoice will be updated to "PAID" status.

If the payment is greater than the invoice amount the software will check for additional invoices and mark them as paid too if there is sufficient credit remaining from the payment.

For example, a payment of $1000.00 is made. The "Update unpaid invoices" setting was selected. There are two unpaid invoices in the amount of $500.00 each for a total of $1000.00. After the payment is sent, the software will update each invoice to "PAID" status.

Have a look at the following video if you would like to permanently select this feature:

Q. How To Record A Payment When Adding An Invoice

If you are adding a paid invoice, make sure to select "Record a payment" option if you want to make a corresponding payment entry.

Remember; payments, debits and credits are used to calculate a clients balance within the software. Adding a paid invoice does not change the clients balance unless you also select the option listed above.

Record a payment