Help Topic: Invoices

Q. No Sessions Listed On An Invoice?

If you are reviewing an invoice with no sessions, check and see if there are saved sessions for the date range you selected.

The sessions must be saved or missed to appear on an invoice. Once a session is tracked as SAVED or MISSED, it will appear on invoices if it is within the selected date range.

Q. How Do I Create An Invoice?

To create an invoice, do the following:

  1. go to ACCOUNTING > INVOICES from the main menu
  2. cick on the CREATE INVOICE button or CREATE INVOICES button
  3. review the invoice
  4. submit the invoice

The two methods for creating invoices are similar and you can choose either method.

Important to remember: only saved or missed sessions are eligible to appear on an invoice.  Open and canceled sessions will not appear on the invoice because they are not billable.  If you expect to see sessions on the invoice and they are not there, check the calendar and make sure the sessions have been tracked as SAVED or MISSED.

Q. What Is Automated Invoicing?

If you want to generate invoices automatically, you can use automated invoicing.

Automated invoicing allows you to generate invoices weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  The newly created invoices can be flagged as drafts or e-mailed out to pertinent parties.

To turn this feature ON, do the following:

  • select the wrench icon at the top-right of the page
  • turn the AUTOMATED INVOICING switch to the ON position
  • click the SUBMIT button

If you are not sure about a function, read the correspnding help information on the page.

Important Consideration: automated invoicing ONLY works if your sessions are up to date.  If there is a session that is open and it falls within the date range of an automated invoice, the session will not appear on the invoice.  You will have to create a separate invoice manually to cover that session.  Alternatively, you could delete the automated invoice and create a new manual invoice for the  date range once you have saved the open session.

Therefore, if you have a monthly frequency, the automated invoice will generate on the 1st of the month for the previous month.  For the invoice to be complete, you MUST save all of the open sessions on the calendar for the previous month before the 1st of the new month.  Any sessions still open on the 1st of the new month will not appear in the automated invoice.

Q. How Do I Delete An Invoice?

To delete an invoice, do the following:

  2. click on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon
  3. click on the delete icon to the right of the invoice or select delete from the dropdown > click the checkbox next to the invoice > click on the submit button

The invoice will be deleted.

Q. How Do I Assign A Payment To An Invoice?

To assign a payment to an active, unpaid invoice, you have 2 options:


  2. click on the Add Payment button
  3. select the client's name
  4. next to the client's name, there will be an Select Invoice option available to you.  Select the invoice number you wish to associate with this payment
  5. provide a payment amount
  6. click SUBMIT


  2. click on the thumbs-down icon at the top-right of the page
  3. click on the add payment icon in the options column for the specific invoice (icon with a +)
  4. enter a payment amount (can be a partial value or the full value of the due amount)
  5. provide a payment date
  6. click SUBMIT

Now the payment will be tracked and associated with the invoice you selected.

If you want to associate old payments with a new invoice, check out the invoices question: why aren't payments showing on my invoice?

Q. Important To Know About Invoices!

This software automatically tracks if an invoice is paid or unpaid!  You can't mark an invoice as paid.

This means you need to know the different ways payments are entered into the software.  Payments are made in the following ways:

  1. by a client accessing the software and making a payment
  2. by you or a staff member adding a payment before an invoice is generated
  3. by you or a staff member adding a payment after an invoice is generated

For points 1 and 2, when you make an invoice, you will need to assign payments to that invoice.  To assign payments to an invoice read the topic under INVOICES entitled, how do i assign a payment to an invoice?

For point 3, when you add the payment there will be an optional select dropdown to associate the payment with an invoice.

When creating an invoice where you need to associate pre-existing payments, make sure you mark the invoice as DRAFT or don't e-mail the invoice to the client until you have had a chance to associate the payments to the invoice.

The benefits of this procedure are that you aren't forced to use Invoices.  You can track what is due by your clients using the BALANCES section.  Point-of-sale and pay-in-advance businesses are unaffected by invoices.  This only becomes essential for pay-later or invoicing business concepts.  Furthermore, the software ensures a paid invoice is actually paid, preventing you from mistakenly sending a paid invoice receipt to your client.

Sometimes, your clients may ask for a receipt of their service history.  Invoices are an excellent way to generate this service history. In this case, you will have to associate the payments after the receipt is generated.

Q. How Do I Send An Invoice To A Client Before They Receive Service?

If your client asks for an invoice before they receive services from your business you actually need to send them a quote.

To create and send quotes, do the following:

  • add the client to your records
  • go to CLIENTS > SALES MANAGER or click on the eye icon in your quick icon area
  • click on the EDIT link
  • click on the ADD QUOTE button
  • add your line items, subtotal, tax total, and grand total
  • add a note if necessary
  • choose who you would like to email
  • click on the SAVE QUOTE button