Help Topic: Practitioners

Q. I Can't Delete A Practitioner User

If you are unable to delete a practitioner user it is because they are present within sessions or have received wage payments.

To protect your business data, you are not permitted to delete practitioner users who have financial information linked to their account.

If you MUST delete the user, you can delete all their wage payments, and remove all sessions from the calendar they are linked to.

Alternatively, you can mark the practitioner user as inactive, do not hire, or contact list. You do this from the edit menu, or the list pages.

Q. Practitioner Wage Tiers Explained

Wage tier characterizes how the practitioner is paid. There are 3 wage tiers for practitioners, they include:

  1. Hourly: paid by the hour based on session data
  2. Salary Hourly: paid by the hour based on timesheet data
  3. Salary Annual: paid a daily salary rate based on timesheet data

Practitioners can only have the salary options if you have an Enterprise subscription plan.

Q. What Is The Bonus Wage Amount?

The bonus wage amount is added to the hourly wage rate for the practitioner.

For example, if a practitioner earns $25.00 / hour and they have a bonus wage amount of $3.00 / hour, their new hourly rate becomes $28.00 / hour.

When calculating the practitioners earnings, the bonus wage amount is added to the hourly rate and automatically factored into the calculations.

Q. When Do I Need To Assign Skills?

You don't need to assign skills if you don't want to.

You assign skills if you want to use the scheduling tool. The scheduling tool allows you to search for practitioners that have skills a client is looking for.

If there are no skills to assign, you must first go to the SKILLS section and add them. After there are skills, you can assign them to practitioners.

Q. Why Would I Want To Pre-assign Clients?

Clients are assigned to a practitioner when a session is created. This happens regardless of the pre-assigned clients selected in the practitioner add or edit pages.

You may want to pre-assign a client to a practitioner in cases where there are no sessions between the client and practitioner on the calendar. This occurs when you have a new client.

There are times when you may want to assign a practitioner to a client so they can see the client's information and potentially contact them before their first session. That is why this feature has been made available.

Q. How To Set A Practitioners Availability?

Administrators and staff can set a practitioners schedule / availability by doing the following:

  1. Go to the practitioners list page (EMPLOYEES > PRACTITIONER or by clicking on the practitioners icon to the left of the screen)
  2. Click the EDIT icon for the practitioner
  3. Click on the SCHEDULE / AVAILABILITY link to show the weekly schedule
  4. Provide the start and end times for each day the practitioner is available

Leave days blank where the practitioner is not available. If they were previously available on a day but are not available now, highlight the time with your cursor and delete the time.

Practitioners can log in to their account and adjust their schedule / availability in the following way:

  1. Click on their name at the top-right corner of the screen
  2. Select ACCOUNT
  3. Click on the AVAILABILITY Tab
  4. Edit their schedule / availability accordingly

The practitioners availability / schedule is used to pair clients and practitioners within the Scheduling tool. Furthermore, it provides administrators and staff a good indication of service coverage across the week.

Q. Do I Need To Provide Login Information For Practitioners?

No. Login information is not required. You do not have to provide a username or password for practitioners.

If you do provide a username and password for a practitioner they will be able to login and access their information. Information they can access depends upon the permissions you set for them.

Typically, practitioners can:

  • See their upcoming sessions
  • Get contact information on the client
  • Review their wages and wage payments
  • Update their schedule / availability
  • Complete tasks you set for them
  • Reconcile / save sessions on the calendar

If you gave log in access to a practitioner but want to take it away, delete the username and they will no longer be allowed to log in.

Q. Can Inactive, Contact List, Or Do Not Hire Practitioners Login?

No. Only active practitioners can login.

Q. Who Can See The Additional Information Notes?

When you view or edit a practitioner, there is a notes section. You can access the practitioner notes within the edit page and clicking on the additional information link.

These notes are visible by admininstrators and staff only. No other user can see these notes.

Q. How Can I Change The Calendar Color?

You can change the calendar color of a practitioner by doing the following:

  1. Go to the practitioner list page (EMPLOYEES > PRACTITIONERS)
  2. Click on the edit icon
  4. Click on the color pallete to select a different color

This color will affect your view of the practitioner only. It does not change the calendar color if the practitioner were to log in to their account.

Q. What Is A Welcome E-mail?

A welcome e-mail typically notifies the user they have an account within the software.  It will display their username and password (upon account creation).  You can customize this e-mail by going to SETTINGS > NOTIFICATION and editing the Welcome Message for the user.

A welcome e-mail can be sent upon account creation or from the user's view page.

A welcome e-mail is ONLY sent to those users who have a status of ACTIVE.  If the user does not have a status of active, the welcome e-mail will not be sent.  As a security precaution, only active users are allowed to login to their account.

If you wish to send a welcome message after the account creation, make sure to set the user's status to ACTIVE, then send the welcome e-mail.

Q. How Do I Add A Practitioner Photo And Information?

Practitioners can have a photo, position, and excerpt.  To provide this information do the following:

  1. go to the Practitioners List (PRACTITIONERS > PRACTITIONERS LIST)
  2. click the view icon that looks like a magnifying glass
  3. click on the OTHER sub-menu option
  4. upload your photo, assign a position, or provide a brief excerpt

The practitioner photo can be seen in the practitioners list table and the practitioners view page.  Furthermore, our API has a feature that allows you to show this information on your own web page.  To use our API you need to have a trial account or enterprise account.

If you own a WordPress site, you can use our custom plugin to show a MEET OUR TEAM shortcode anywhere on your own site.  This plugin will be available by Sept. 2018.

Q. What Is An Api?

An API allows you to use your business data outside of the framework of this software.

For example, if you want to show a list of TEAM MEMBERS, you can access the API from your site, get the information you need from this CRM, and display your TEAM MEMBERS.

You need a trial account or enterprise account to access the API.

Q. How Do I Assign A Practitioner To A Client?

There are two ways to assign clients and tutors to each other.

Option 1:

  • go to the clients list page
  • select the client and hit the edit (pencil) icon
  • choose the PRE-ASSIGN tab from the right most panel
  • choose 1 or more practitioners on the list
  • make sure the practitioner name moves from the left block to the right block
  • click the submit button below

Option 2:

  • go to the practitioners list page
  • select the practitioner and hit the edit (pencil) icon
  • choose the CLIENTS tab from the right  most panel
  • choose 1 or more clients on the list
  • make sure the client name moves from the left block to the right block
  • click the submit button below

Either of these procedures will associate clients and practitioners.

Typically, when an admin or staff user creates the first lesson between a practitioner and a client, they become assigned.  However, in cases where there isn't a scheduled "first session," this is the process you would use to allow the practitioner to add a session to the calendar at a later date.

Q. How Do I Set Custom Wages For Practitioners?

The software uses the following hierarchy when determining the wage rate upon session completion: 

  1. Has the user enabled cost over ride?  If yes, use those numbers to determine the wages due
  2. Does the practitioner have a unique rate associated with the service?  If yes, use those numbers to determine the wages due
  3. If the above were not satisfied, use the default wage rate associated with the service to determine the wages due

You can set custom wage rates here:

  • click PRACTITIONERS > WAGE MANAGER from the main menu
  • click ADVANCED OPTIONS > CUSTOM WAGE RATES from the sub-menu
  • choose the practitioner you want to set a custom rate for
  • enter the UNIQUE RATE for the specific service
  • click the green button with a checkmark to save

After you set a custom rate, the software will follow the hierarchy above to compute the wages due.

Q. How Do I Show Practitioners In The Online Booking Tool

To have practitioners listed on the online booking form you need to make sure of the following:

  • set the Add To Client Booking permission CHECKED
  • make sure they have at least 1 skill assigned to their account
  • make sure there is a service with the selected skill
  • make sure there is a location that has Show In Client Bookings set to YES
  • make sure the above location has practitioners selected for association

When the above criteria are set, the practitioner will appear in the online booking form.