Help Topic: Sessions

Q. How to create recurring sessions?

To create multiple, recurring sessions, do the following:

  1. go to CALENDAR > SESSIONS or click on the sessions icon to the left
  2. click on Create Recurring Sessions from the dropdown link to the right (scroll downward for mobile)
  3. choose the days you want recurring session to take place.  You can select any number of days
  4. how many sessions are in the recurring schedule?  This includes the first session.  Therefore, placing the number 10 here will produce 10 total sessions
  5. select the recurrence type from the dropdown select.  Weekly means the above settings will be duplicated for the next week.  Monthly means the schedule will be duplicated again for the next month
  6. finally, click the enabled checkbox.  If you do not enable the schedule, it will not be applied.

After you submit the session and its recurrence schedule, you can review it one the sessions list page or click on the Calendar option and see the session schedule visually.

Q. Who can see the public note for sessions?

All participants can see the public sessions note.  This includes; admin, staff, practitioners, and clients.

Q. How do I set up group sessions?

As of January 2020, the software will automatically detect the type of session you are adding.  There is a single add session form for both group and single sessions.  This will help reduce user error and make the software much more intuitive.

You have several options for adding a group session, they are:

From the calendar cells in month view:

  • click on an empty cell for a given day

From the calendar cells in week or day view:

  • scroll across the time interval for a given day

From the sessions list:

  • click on the ADD SESSION button

From the main menu:

  • click on SESSIONS from the main menu
  • choose ADD SESSION

Any of these methods will allow you to make a group session.

Q. How do I save a session?

There are a few ways to save a session.  They are:


  • click on the session.  You will see a pop-up box with information appear.  At the bottom, if the session is still open, you will see a hyperlink labelled "Save"
  • click on the SAVE hyperlink
  • you will be shown a list of options: open, canceled, missed, save
  • choose "save" and click submit
  • you have successfully saved the session

Alternatively, if you wanted to track the session as missed or canceled, you can do that too.  Remember, missed sessions are billed to clients whereas canceled sessions are not billed.


  • click on the zoom icon or view option from the list of sessions. This is found at the far-right of the tabular data
  • you will be taken to a page that shows detailed information about the session
  • choose the button labelled, "Save"
  • you will be shown a list of options: open, canceled, missed, save
  • choose "save" and click submit
  • you have successfully saved the session


  • if you select a single checkbox from the list or all checkboxes from the list
  • from the dropdown menu select, "Save"
  • the submit button will become active once you have made a selection from the dropdown menu select
  • after the submit is clicked all of the sessions that you selected will be saved
  • if you selected one of the other options from the select dropdown, those functions will be applied to all of the checked sessions
  • the page will reload and you will see the change in status for any and all sessions selected

It is very important to save sessions.  When sessions are saved, the client balance, and practitioner wages are tracked.  If you do not save sessions, you will be unable to use any of the account functions and this includes tracking your clients balances.


Q. How do i add a session?

You can add sessions in the following ways:

From the calendar:

  • click the add session button below the command center icons
  • click on a day inside the calendar (or the day cell header)
  • week view and day view allow you to click and drag start and end times

From the session list:

  • click on the add session button below the command center icons


Q. What are the session completion options?

The following session completion options are available:

  • Completed: full cost and wages applied
  • Canceled: no cost and no wages applied
  • Missed: full cost and wages applied
  • Completed with Cost Over-ride: (admin or staff have overide): You decide what cost and wages are applied

Q. What are custom session completion types?

There are 3 session completion types by default.  They are: canceled, missed and completed.  A canceled type saves the session and does not charge the client or pay the practitioner.  Missed  and completed types save the session with full charges.

Custom session completion types allow you to create new session completion options.  You have control over the client's charges and the practitioner's wages based on a percentage of the service fee or a fixed amount.

For information on creating custom session completion types, please review the help topic entitled: " How do I create custom session completion types?"

Q. How do I create custom session completion types?

Click on your name at the top-right corner of the page.  Select "Account Settings."


Click on "Calendar / Sessions" from the page menu.  Click on "Custom Session Status" from the page sub-menu.


By default, you have 3 completion options enabled.  They are: canceled, missed and completed.  If you do not want to use these defaults, click on the name or checkmark.  When the checkmark disappears the option is removed from the list of options when a user completes a session.


To create a new session completion option, fill out the form to the left.


Choose a map session status.  A map session status is a broad category the new completion type is associated with.  Choose the session status that best relates to your custom type.  There is no wrong or incorrect option here.

The label field is the text that will appear when a user completes a session.  It has a 15 character maximum limit.

The description is the text that communicates specific information about the custom completion type.  You want to display to the user what it is and when to select the option.  For example, for cancelations that are within 1 hour of a session, you may call this a "Late Cancel," and charge the client a percentage of the full cost while paying the practitioner a percentage of their wages.  A description may be: "Use this option when the client cancels the session within 1 hour of the session's scheduled start time."

The modifier type determines if the cost and wages are a fixed amount of the service or a percentage of the service.

For the client and practitioner modifier, provide a whole number that represents the percentage or fixed amount to apply to the client's cost and practitioner's wages.

To extend our previous example, you may want a Late Cancel to charge the client 50% of the service cost and provide the practitioner 50% of their wage.  If that were the case, choose "Percentage" for the modifier type and enter the number 50 in the client and practitioner modifier fields.

To review the custom session completion types saved within the software, take a look at the table on the right of the page.


To make changes to the custom session type click the pencil icon.  The form on the left will populate with data.  After editing the fields, click on the save button below.  The changes will show on the table.  The search icon will reveal the description for the custom completion type.

If you do not want to use a custom session completion type, click on the red, X and it will be removed.  Editing or deleting custom options will NOT affect past sessions that were saved with them.

You will see completion types from the calendar, the session lists (not the open session list), and invoices.

Q. How to cancel sessions due to bad weather or a holiday?

If you have scheduled sessions during a Holiday, you can easily send out cancelations notices via e-mail or text message and automatically cancel the session using the CANCELLATION TOOL.  To access the cancellation tool go to: SESSIONS > CANCELLATIONS. 

From there you can choose to cancel a range of dates or a single date.  On the right of the page the software will show you the affected sessions real time.  You can send notifications to your clients, notify and cancel, cancel but not notify.  Any combination of options are available to you to handle this occurrence.

Also, you can add CLOSURES to the calendar directly from the calendar.  These closures will be visible to all users including clients.  If an admin or staff user sees a session on a closure date, it is easy to notice and rectify.

Q. When adding recurring sessions do I fill out the number of sessions to recur or the last recur date?

The number of sessions and last date are an OR selection.  Just fill out one and leave the other blank.