Help Topic: Skills

Q. What are skills used for?

Skills allows you to track the abilities of your practitioners.  Here are some examples of how skills can be applied:

  • Education and Tutoring: skills = subjects
  • Health Care: skills = specialties
  • Therapy: skills = credentials

You can change the word skills, to any word you like by navigating to the Language Translation page at SETTINGS > LANGUAGE TRANSLATION.

Skills are also used within the Scheduling Tool.  The scheduling tool allows you to take a client and their schedule, and see what practitioners you have that are available at that time, with the necessary skills the client requires, and in the location where the client resides.

If you offer services at a specific location (your clients come to you), that is okay too, since location within the scheduling too is optional.

Skills are optional and the sotware works just fine if you choose not to use them.

Q. How do i add skills?

If you want to add, edit, or delete skills, do the following:

  • to add a skill, add the skill name and click the submit button
  • to edit or delete a skill click on the edit or delete hyperlink to the right of the skill on the list