Help Topic: Timesheets

Q. How Do I Pay Salary Wages?


To make wage payments to practitioners or staff that are hourly salary or annual salary, do the following:

  1. ensure the employee has their salary rate set;
  2. if the rate is not set, set it!
  3. make sure the hours the employee worked is on the timesheet calendar
    • access the calendar from: EMPLOYEES > TIMESHEETS
    • click on Practitioner Timesheets or Staff Timesheets
  4. Add a timesheet the same way you would add a session
    • click on the gray area for the day or the Add Timesheet button
    • fill out the form information and submit
    • confirm the timsheet by navigating back to the timesheet calendar and click Save or Save All
  5. Record Paymemt at TIMESHEETS > RECORD PAYMENT
    • select their user type and name from the dropdown options
    • provide a date range for the payment interval
    • click on the submit button
    • if there are timesheets, you will see them listed.  If the circle to the right is orange, you still need to confirm the timesheet.  If the circle is green, you can proceed to the next step
  6. click the Record Payment button
  7. review the deduction options, make a note if necessary, and when you are ready, click on the submit button
  8. now the salary practitioner or staff user will have a payment recorded to them.  You can review payments to salary users by navigating to TIMESHEETS > PAYMENT HISTORY

This process allows you to record payments to salary wage earners.  If you want to make a payment to hourly wage earners, click on the Wages option from the help dropdown options.

Remember, this will record a wage payment to your employees.  You still need to arrange to actually pay your employees.  This software doesn't automate the transfer of funds from you to your employees.

Q. Who Are Timesheets For?

Timesheets are for those practitioners and staff that are paid a salary.

It's very important to realize there are two ways practitioners can be paid.  Practitioners are usually paid based on the number of hours they accumulate on the calendar, but you can choose to pay practitioners an hourly salary or an annual salary.

If you choose to pay a practitioner a salary rate, they do not accumulate hours and wages based on saved or missed sessions, instead, they are paid based on timesheets.

All staff are paid a salary and do not accumulate hours from sessions.

Only the Enterprise plan provides the salary option.  If you do not have any salary earners, you don't need to use timesheets.

Q. What Are Timesheets?

Timesheets are used when practitioners are paid via hourly salary or annual salary.

If you are a contractor, meaning you are paid based on the session you save on the calendar, you don't have to worry about timesheets.

If you are paid via timesheets. make sure your timesheets are up-to-date and accurate.  You can review your timesheets by navigating to: EARNINGS > TIMESHEETS.

Only Enterprise accounts have access to timesheets.

Q. Timesheet Permissions

Timesheets have a number of permission levels for security purposes and they are:

Timesheets Permission Options

To edit  the timesheet permissions of your staff users do the following:

  1. click on SETTINGS from the main menu
  2. click on PERMISSIONS from the main menu
  3. click on STAFF from the sub-menu bar OR the STAFF panel
  4. find the staff user you want to edit and click on the Edit OR pencil icon

Permissions will be under the heading of MANAGE TIMESHEETS. Select the permission option you want for the staff user and click SUBMIT.

If you grant the manage timesheets permission to a staff user and they have the staff timesheets permission they will be able to add their own timesheets including the timesheets of other staff users. Keep this in mind. In cases where you want your staff users to clock-in and clock-out you are required to make it known to them they are not allowed to edit those timesheets of other staff users. If this is a problem, you may want the administrator to control staff timesheets entirely.