Help Topic: Staff

Q. I Can't Delete A Staff User

If you are unable to delete a staff user it is because they have a timesheet on the calendar and/or timesheet wage payments.

To protect your business data, you are not permitted to delete staff users who have financial information linked to their account.

If you MUST delete the user, you can delete all timesheet wage payments, and remove all timesheets from the calendar.

Alternatively, you can mark the staff user as inactive, do not hire, or contact list. You do this from the edit menu, or the list pages.

Q. What's The Different Between Salary Hourly And Salary Annual?

Staff who are salary hourly are paid by the hour. When their timesheets are confirmed, the software will calculate the total hours accumulated for the data range and multiply that by their hourly wage rate.

Staff who are salary annual will be paid their annual salary divided by 365 days a year to determine their daily wages. This is why it is important to select a date range for these staff users that doesn't omit days. For example, if you pay bi-weekly, select a date range of 1 to 14 or 15-30. If the salary annual staff user is on vacation, make sure to place a timsheet on the calendar tracking their vacation time. This way they can be selected for sending wage payments within the timesheet section.

Q. Who Can See The Additional Information Notes?

When you view or edit a staff, there is a notes section. You can access the staff notes within the edit page and clicking on the additional information link.

These notes are visible by admininstrators and staff only. No other user can see these notes.

Q. How Can I Change The Calendar Color?

You can change the calendar color of a staff by doing the following:

  1. Go to the staff list page (EMPLOYEES> STAFF)
  2. Click on the edit icon
  4. Click on the color pallete to select a different color

This color will affect your view of the staff only. It does not change the calendar color if the staff were to log in to their account.

Q. Do I Need To Provide Login Information For Staff?

No. Login information is not required. You do not have to provide a username or password for staff.

If you do provide a username and password for a staff they will be able to login and access their information. Information they can access depends upon the permissions you set for them.

Staff can do anything an administrator can do with the exception of canceling the account, changing credit card information, or upgrading or downgrading the subscription plan.

If you gave log in access to a staff but want to take it away, delete the username and they will no longer be allowed to log in.

Q. Can Staff Edit Their Own Accounts If They Have Permission Or Staff Management?

No. Staff can not edit their own accounts.

If a staff member has staff management permission they can edit other staff members, but they are not permitted to edit their own account.

Staff are not permitted to change their permissions using the Permissions section either.

Staff can access their account information and change that but it does not allow them to change security permissions.

Q. What Is A Welcome E-mail?

A welcome e-mail typically notifies the user they have an account within the software.  It will display their username and password (upon account creation).  You can customize this e-mail by going to SETTINGS > NOTIFICATION and editing the Welcome Message for the user.

A welcome e-mail can be sent upon account creation or from the user's view page.

A welcome e-mail is ONLY sent to those users who have a status of ACTIVE.  If the user does not have a status of active, the welcome e-mail will not be sent.  As a security precaution, only active users are allowed to login to their account.

If you wish to send a welcome message after the account creation, make sure to set the user's status to ACTIVE, then send the welcome e-mail.