Help Topic: Locations

Q. What Do I Do When My Services Are Rendered Online?

If you provide services via the internet create an online location.  The only required field for a location is the locations name.  Choose a location name like, "Online," and apply that location for any and all of your online sessions.

Q. How To Create A Location For Your Client?

If a location does not already exist for your session, you can click on the blue cross to the right of the location field.  Click on that plus icon and a modal window will appear that will allow you to add a session.

If you do not see the blue cross, your administrator has not granted you access to add locations.  In this case, contact your administrator to add the location or provide you persmission to add locations.

Q. How Do I Add A Location?

Adding locations is easy.

Add a session as per normal.  If you do not see a location for your session, click on the blue plus icon to the right of the location field.  Add the name of the location in the space provided.

That's it!  You made a new location.

Before you make a new location, make sure the location is not an option within the dropdown selector.  The administrator can provide address information for the location.  Please notify the administrator of the new location after you have added the session.

Q. My Clients Do Not See Any Locations When Requesting A Session

To control the locations and services your clients can select when requesting a session you MUST apply the appropriate setting.  You can do that by:

  • editing your location or service
  • clicking on the tab marked CLIENT BOOKING

This process refers to clients requesting a session when logged into their account.  Without this setting enabled the client will not see the location or service as an option. 

Don't forget to click the ENABLE EDIT button before you SUBMIT and save.