You can complete a session from the calendar or the session list page.

From the calendar click on the session cell and a popup will appear. One of the options will be a purple COMPLETE button. Click the button to be taken to the session completion page.

We have provided a helpful video on completing sessions.

You can also leave a report note for the client from the session completion page.

If the session was canceled or missed you can identify this outcome on this page. Yes, you can customize your own session completion types like a "Late Cancel."

How to complete a session from the calendar?
How to complete a session from the calendar?
Video: Complete/Save A Session From The Calendar

You can also complete sessions from the sessions list page.

The session list page lists all of your sessions in table format. You may want to use these pages if you have a large business with more than 500 sessions in a month. This page will load much faster than the calendar.

Have a look at the video entitled, "Complete/Save Sessions From The Sessions List Page."

Be advised, if you use this method you cannot leave a report for the client

Video: Complete/Save Sessions From The Sessions List Page


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