The term clients is a word translation that you can change to better represent your business. Other word translations for clients are: clients, students, patients, customers, consumers, patrons, purchasers.

You MUST add at least 1 client to add a session to the calendar.

You can find the add clients page using the main menu: CLIENTS > ADD CLIENTS.

If you want your clients to login to the software provide a username and password to the login information panel. If you want to revoke login privileges remove the username.

Add a client using the main menu
Add a client using the main menu.

You only need to provide the required information to add a client.

The panels to the right of the page stores more information about the client like their availability, permissions, assignments and custom fields.

After you add information to the client make sure to click on the submit button to save the changes.

Required client information
The panel to the right marked by a red border is the required information needed to add a client account.


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