You MUST add at least 1 service to add a session to the calendar.

Services are VERY important! The software uses the service to determine the cost to your clients and the wages earned by your practitioners.

You may also enter $0.00 for costs and wages if you do not want to charge your clients or pay your practitioners. You would add $0.00 if the session is a free session.

Default cost and wages for services
The default cost for this service is $42.50 and the default wage is $30.00.

You can find the add service page using the main menu: SESSIONS > ADD SERVICES.

We recommend you keep your services as generic as possible. For example: Elementary Tutoring instead of Grade 5 Math Tutoring.

Too many services can become hard to manage especially if you allow your practitioners to add sessions themselves or plan to change pricing from year to year.

Add a service from the main menu
Add a service using the main menu.


How To Add A Service
Service Groups Or Packages