Use payments to manage your clients account balances. Invoices can be used to initiate payments but they can also be used as receipts. You don't have to create invoices to request payments from your clients!

The video entitled, "Invoices & Payments" explains the importance of invoices and payments. We recommend you watch it.

Video: Invoices & Payments. Payments are associated with a client's account balance

There are three types of payments, they are: a regular payment, a credit and a debit.

Regular payments and credits reduce the client's account balance whereas debits increase the client's account balance.

You can give your clients the permission to make payments when they are logged in to the software. When this permission is granted your clients can use a payment form to make a payment or they can click on an outstanding invoice and make a payment to that invoice.

Stripe is a processing gateway we use to take payments from your clients. If you would like more information on Stripe please watch the video entitled, "What Is Pay Assist" found at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in Automated Invoicing and Billing we recommend you watch the video entitled, "Invoice Features & Settings" found at the bottom of this page.


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What Is Pay Assist?
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