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Type: GET
Method: timezones
Parameter: (integer) {start} / {limit}
URL Example: https://www.bizstim.com/api/timezones/0/1000
start parameter refers to the first record to return.  Default = 0.
limit parameter refers to the number of records to return.  Default = 1000.  Maximum = 1000.
start and limit can be omitted from the URL and their defaults will be chosen.
total key in the json object is the total number of records found.  Use this to create your own pagination.
CountryCode string country code abbreviation
TimeZone string use this value when selecting a timezone for other API methods. You must use timezones that are found using this API method. Timezones that are not supported will cause an error in your programming. If you require a timezone that is not supported, please send us an e-mail.
UTC Offset string e.g. -05:00
UTC DST Offset string e.g. -04:00
    "status": "success",
    "total": 476,
    "response": [
            "CountryCode": "CA",
            "TimeZone": "America/Toronto",
            "UTC Offset": "−05:00",
            "UTC DST Offset": "−04:00"
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