Bizstim Enhanced WordPress Plugin

Current Version: 1.3.0 ( March 21, 2022 )

If you have a WordPress web site you can use our plugin to display some of you business data from your web site.

We currently allow you to do the following:

  • Show your client testimonials (light and dark styles)
  • Show a "Meet Our Team" section (shows active practitioners)
  • Show a "Meet Our Staff" section (shows active staff)
  • Provide a login form (vertical / horizontal and light / dark styles)
  • Provide a sales inquiry / contact us form (light and dark styles)

We continue to add to the functionality of the plugin. We welcome suggestions for future features.

WordPress Plugin Sample Images

WordPress Plugin: light testimonial
WordPress Plugin: dark testimonial
WordPress Plugin: meet our team
WordPress Plugin: light sales inquiry
WordPress Plugin: dark sales inquiry
WordPress Plugin: vertical light login form
WordPress Plugin: vertical dark login form
WordPress Plugin: horizontal light and dark login forms

Why Use Our Plugin?

  • No programming experience is required
  • Leverage your business data to help sell your services
  • Integrate processes like client acquisition and efficiently improve your sales funnel
  • Provide a seamless transition between your web site and your business data
  • Let us do the hard programming work to take full advantage of the Bizstim API
  • Can you think if a cool feature you'd like to have? Contact us and we'll seriously consider it!