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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Any business or institution that handles confidential patient information is expected to be HIPAA compliant. Failure to meet the requirements of HIPAA can result in large fines and jail time.  Learn what your responsibilities are and how to become HIPAA complaint.

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Chiropractic Marketing Strategies, Practical Advertising Tips

Academic research proves advertising as a chiropractic marketing strategy results in significant returns on investment (ROI). We'll show the extent of ROI and delve into more detail the role social media has on advertising. Practical tips are provided; including a 29 page presentation for starting your own chiropractic Google Adwords campaign.

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HST & GST Rates for all Provinces in Canada

If you operate a business in Canada you need to know the tax rates for each province. Most provinces have their own Goods and Services tax rates (GST). To make things more complicated, many provinces have a Harmonized Tax rate (HST). Some provinces have combined HST and GST. Here is a table of the GST and HST tax rates across Canada.

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What to look for in a Business Management Software Application

If you're looking for a business management tool you undoubtedly wondered what to look for. The hard part is realising that every business is somewhat unique and has different needs and requirements. This is so because you, the business owner and creator of your business breathed a part of yourself into it when you made it. Even if your business belongs to a healthy pool of competitors, you need to know what you need when you approach looking for a business management tool. Remember, one size does not always fit all.

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Bizstim History and Unique Vision

Bizstim business management application software is geared towards service-based companies. The app was designed by a former small business owner who took what he learned from running a tutoring company and applied it to the development of this software.

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