Backlink Coalition Features


Searching for influencers Search for Authority Linkers Check Authority Linkers Reviews Check the Linkers Website Score and Niche Industries Filter through Authority Linkers by score, review rating, and industry Search for Content Backers and Creators Check Content Creator Reviews Review the Content Creator's sample work, rating, and industry Filter through Content creators by review rating and industry
  • Search for authority websites in your industry in seconds not hours
  • Users on the platform want to be contacted which saves you a tonnes of time
  • Find content creators and review their work at any time
  • For content creators get your writing discovered and promoted by reputable businesses for self-promotion
  • Qualify potential business associates using the review system
  • Great way to gain online exposure to those you want to attract
  • For small and medium sized business, using the platform can save you from expensive SEO contracts
  • SEO companies can streamline their networking and lower their labor costs thereby making them more profitable and competitive

The backlink coalition is free to use!

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  • Simple 4 step process guiding you from project start to completion
  • Analytics to show how successful you have been and track historical actions
  • Save potential contacts to your queue for review before you reach out and initiate communication
  • Receive notifications via e-mail when a project is approved or needs your approval
  • Complete messaging system within the platform and via e-mail for communicating between project participants
  • Leave private notes for yourself and mark them as done when completed
  • Upon project completion, leave a review and a comment to the other participant in the project
  • Past projects and their communications are saved for review and reflection
  • Cultivating a network of contacts: content creators and authority linkers, is easy to do
4-Step Outreach Process Outreach Dashboard Tracks Performance Detailed History Available in Outreach Manage Your Backlink Queue Observe You Received Requests and Pending Requests Communicate With Who You Are Working With Analyze You Past Completed Projects Communicate Via Messages And Keep Personal Notes Upon Completedm Send A Review Of The Other User

SEO Has Never Been Easier!

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User account information and pricing plans Select want actions, result actions, and industries of influence Add website information to determine a linker score Add as many websites you want to the Backlink Coallition Set your authority linker settings to restrict who can contact you Set you content backer settings to restrict who can contact you Review writing samples and user reviews of content creators Check your received and sent reviews history Manage your blocked user list to cut down on unwanted communication
  • FREE plan available. Get started using the Backlink Coalition right now with zero obligations
  • You determine what you are willing to give to others and what you want in return based on your industry selections
  • Have as many websites as you like providing backlink opportunities to content creators. Awesome for SEO companies using the platform
  • Authority Linking and Content Backing settings provides you the opportunity to set minimum requirements for contacting you
  • Ability to block users you do not want contacting you
  • Provide writing samples of your content capabilities or external links to other forms of media